Annabelle 2: The doll terrifies us in new shooting image

The horror and suspense film ‘Annabelle’ released in 2014 with a great success, so much so that already has its sequel located in the release schedule. For now entitled ‘Annabelle 2’, and continuing with the argument of the plot centered on the doll possessed by a demonic spirit that generated all the development of the first movie. Now also premiered its first official trailer.

Annabelle 2

A film that has a main cast in which we find the actress Miranda Otto, whose career took place recently in the small screen, such as in the television series ‘Homeland’. Now also with Stephanie Sigman, whom we saw in a brief role at the beginning of the movie ‘Spectre’, possibly the latest film by Daniel Craig in front of the character of James Bond in the movies.

The first installment of the ‘Annabelle’ series cost less than 6.5 million, raising more than 250 million at the box office worldwide.

The low budgets required by James Wan movies in addition to its high levels of income have opened the door for a number of projects within the suspense and terror. Not forgetting the high quality of his work in projects like ‘Insidious’.

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