Angelina Jolie plans to end her acting career

No more comedy for Angelina Jolie? She said she will soon stop her acting career in favor of that of director…

angelina jolie

And if Angelina Jolie dropped her acting career in favor of the filmmaker? It would not be immediate, but the filmmaker is serious about drawing a line under this facet of her career. “I’ll do some (films) additional as an actress, but I’d be happy to drop it all at one time”, she said in the Sydney Morning Herald. “I love directing, I am much happier as a director”, she added.

“I like the fact to follow a project from start to finish. I like to spend two years on a topic and learn things on it. I like being pushed mentally to have to learn many things and be a part of every aspect production”. And added “Unless there is a certain role I should play that really means something to me, I’d much rather spend my time telling stories behind the camera”.

These statements were held as part of the promotion of Invincible her second feature film as a director (the next one is already on the way: By the sea, with Brad Pitt and Melanie Laurent). Invincible released on January 7, 2015.

image source: the guardian

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