Angelina Jolie could quit acting after Cleopatra

Actress Angelina Jolie left in the air her future in the world of acting. Fully engaged in her beloved work as a director. Since then many rumors about her future and the title of her last work in front of the cameras. Returning one of the most distinctive titles that were pending: ‘Cleopatra’.

angelina jolie quit acting

The historical figure of ‘Cleopatra’ is one of the most fascinating thing about Angelina Jolie. She recognizes herself. The role could be a real “golden goodbye” in the world of acting. So it would be seeking to promote the project, even with herself as a producer.

The last time that we talked about the new ‘Cleopatra’ biopic was in the year 2012. That is then shuffled the presence of David Fincher as director. But as we know, eventually the project crystallized not at all. As it progressed with the rumors that Paul Greengrass attached to the project (filmmaker embarked on the pre-production of ‘Bourne 5’, with Matt Damon as the protagonist).

Much earlier, in 2010, there was even talk of having the mega-blockbuster James Cameron to take charge of directing the film. But as always, nothing came as a fully parked side project.

Angelina Jolie, who is preparing to enter the 2015 Oscar with her new job at the address, ‘Invincible’, would projecting ‘Cleopatra’ to be released in cinemas in around the end of 2016. Although the intention that as reality, at least for now.

With this biographical film there would reject another movie assigned during the last few days: ‘Wanted 2’, sequel to the comic book adaptation whose first delivery led along with James McAvoy.

Two recent work as an actress Angelina Jolie are ‘The Tourist’, starring alongside Johnny Depp. In addition to the highly successful ‘Maleficent’, in which she played a fascinating villain of the story.

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