Andy Serkis helped Jamie Bell to be The Thing in Fantastic Four

The new version of the comic ‘Fantastic Four’ show us a review of the main characters. Now we also know some details about the composition of The Thing, starring Jamie Bell. Actor acknowledges support from Andy Serkis for the composition of the character in the film premiere in 2015.

The Thing

A film directed by Josh Trank seeking reissue the success of popular cartoon characters on the big screen now. With a promising return completely renovated. Jamie Bell acknowledged that enlisted the help of Andy Serkis, an expert with regard to motion capture and interpretation of characters recreated with CGI to develop its role in the film.

Andy Serkis is also in another film based on the comics by Marvel, ‘Avengers 2’, with its world premiere scheduled for May 1, 2015. Serkis plays one of the characters in the film, besides being the villain of the story line of Black Panther. He is not expected however to have any role in ‘Fantastic Four’ of Josh Trank, produced by 20th Century Fox. Also with its world premiere is planned for the year 2015.

The name of Andy Serkis was loud from his participation in the trilogy of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. It was the actor who entrusted Peter Jackson to give life to the character of Gollum, breaking new ground in all matters relating to motion capture.

The hard film director Josh Trank described his version of ‘Fantastic Four’ as “a darker movie”, perhaps with a view to a future link with the productions of Marvel and drift that also appear to be taking the films of the study led by Kevin Feige.

The great secrecy with which he took the whole project exploded in a large reception the first official trailer for the film, released last January, and that was a real record of viewing among fans.

As we say, it’s an interesting proposal for adaptation of comic that seeks to erase the memory of the previous two films. At the moment its release still set for 7th August. Starting in addition a new plot of Marvel movies owned by 20th Century Fox (or at least until comic licenses back to the original seal).

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